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We are one of the leading Medicolegal companies but that doesn't mean we always have to compete with other players of the industry. We can join hands to complement one another - For example, forward us instructions where you do not have an expert in a geographical area or in a particular speciality - We provide your clients reports and other services through you on revenue sharing basis - Reason to collaborate with us:
Largest Panel of Expert
Largest panel of Medicolegal experts - Larger than any other Medicolegal company in the UK.Literally thousands of experts from GPs to consultants. Feel free to forward us instruction if you do not have an expert of a particular speciality.
Our Service Standards
Fastest expanding Medico legal company in the United Kingdom with up to 50% month on month growth.  
Panel of 550 GPs and 3000 specialists covering all specialities and geographic regions within the United Kingdom and access to 50,000 NHS consultants to search and instruct as and when required.
Medical Records - if required - usually obtained within two weeks.  
We notify the patient and the solicitor of the appointment date, venue and the name of the examining expert, immediately.  
Effective Customer Support acknowledges the instruction in less than 30 minutes and is able to set the appointment with the expert within 60 minutes.  
Most of our medical experts have agreement with us to deliver the reports within 48 hours of the appointment, and similar service levels for amendments and addendums  
Quick Appointments
We are able to provide appointments within 48 hours of the instruction - Guaranteed!
Online Tracking: We will provide you access to our system to track your cases online, you can download all documentation from acknowledgments to appointment letters and invoices, if you require to send documentation from your name, we can set it up for you, you can deal with your clients with all documentation sent from you while we will be dealing with your cases in the back end. Login or Signup with our online management system.
Financial Strength
We realize that payment cycle in this business longer than any other business, but we are here to pay for the experts, for medical records and all other costs and will charge you when you receive payments from your clients.
Rehabilitation Referrals
We are more than happy to take on further treatment or rehabilitation of your clients - generous referrals or revenue sharing options available.
Medical Records Services:
Too busy to chase surgeries and hospitals for medical records? Our dedicated medical records team can help you obtain medical records, send us request and we will provide you medical records within a reasonable times - usually within two weeks.
Are you already our business partner? Why not provide your feedback to us and win an iPod?
You can provide your feedback on the cases directly within our system if you have been provided access to systems, otherwise you can provide feedback through our website in the relevant sections and can win an iPod touch through a lucky draw. You can feedback about our customer services team members, your customer service experience and if your experience has been less than perfect, you can provide suggestions for improvement.  
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