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Physiotherapy ,Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Psychotherapy, Counseling or anything else, we do everything in our hands to bring your life back to the state where it was before the incident.
Why Nexus?
National Panel of over 3400 Therapists - Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths  
Local therapists, usually located within 5 miles radius.  
Treatment can be carried out outside office hours or at weekends  
Quick appointments, mostly while you are on phone, otherwise within end of the same day.  
Quote & costs provided before appointment confirmation.  
Initial assessments before start of every treatment.  
Final assessment/discharge reports usually free of charge.  
That’s the Fact!
Large Panel of Experts
Online system for case management
All services from Medicolegal report to diagnostics.
Vocational Services to bring you back to work
Medical & Physiotherapy history requisitioned and made available to the therapist if required.
The earlier you start the better
Studies suggest that therapies started soon after incidents are more effective than therapies at later stages. Therefore, we recommend that you let us assess the patient and start therapy as soon as possible. The other accident related documentation can be worked in parallel. We do not demand advance or upfront payments so you can take your time to prepare your case and medical reports while we start therapies on our end and try to help recover the patient.
Immediate Needs Assessment
We will assess your client’s case (usually on phone) to provide a report on immediate needs of treatment to help return your client to pre incident level. This service is usually free if followed by treatment by our recommended expert. Please contact us for more details.
Refer online or download referral for
Power of Technology
Our online case management system integrates Medicolegal reports process with rehabilitation process. You can manage your case completely online, at your own time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.
One Stop Shop!
Medicolegal Reports – rehabilitation & Diagnostics – all in one shop for all three services. You can rely on us to manage your case end to end providing whatever it takes. You can count on our experience and hard work we put into every single case.
Vocational Services
Our Vocational Consultants can arrange and provide:
Fit to work analysis after incidents  
Visits to the workplace  
Workplace and job assessment  
Detailed job analysis  
Graduated return-to-work programs  
CV and alternative job search support  
Advice about Government initiatives  
Liaison between employer and employee  
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is did the expert recommend physiotherapy?
In your case, the expert believes that this type of treatment can help your recovery process, therefore you are recommend physiotherapy.
How much be the cost
If it is an insurance claim, usually costs are paid by the insurer. Otherwise we provide quote to yourselves before start of the treatment.
Confirming/Rescheduling the Appointment
Our administrators or the therapist will contact you by telephone or letter to confirm the time, date and venue of the appointment. We will make every effort to arrange a convenient and local appointment that is as convenient and as close to you as possible. Once you receive your appointment, please confirm your attendance or re-arrange if required as soon as possible. We usually require 48 hours’ notice before the appointment. In the event that you do not attend the prearranged appointment, you may be liable for a cancellation fee.
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