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Instruction Process
If you are a Solicitor or an Insurer or a government department looking for medical evidence, we are here to help you.
Here is the process explained so you can know what will happen following your instruction:
Nexus Medicolegal Servicesis your one stop shop for your all kind of Medicolegal needs. Once we are instructed, our trained customer service advisers, who in most cases will be trained paralegal or medical secretory, will take care of your case from arranging appointments to the provision of QUALITY medical report. Our service do not just stop here, we will be in close contact with you for any changes, addendum reports, any type of diagnostics required from X-Rays to MRIs and all type of rehabilitation services from Physiotherapy to Psychotherapy and counseling to help your client return back to his or her normal life.
Our flexible credit terms ensure that you will have enough time to pay for our services.
Case Lifecycle
Here are the steps we follow during case lifecycle and typical service levels you can expect from us for every step.
  *Step 5 - If client cannot be contacted on phone, we leave a message and try again the next day. If we cannot get hold of client in three attempts, we inform the instructing party about unviability of the client and put instruction on hold. If medical records are required, we requisite records at this stage, if authority consent letter is not available, we contact you to provide authority consent  
Automated System
We’ve heavily invested in our IT infrastructure to install modern telephony systems for efficient handling of the requests and a state of the art case management & client relationship system to process the cases. Once your cases number crosses 50, we’ll setup your access to the system where you can:
Instruct Online
Request Nominations
Request Physiotherapy Quote
Download Invoices
Download a copy of reports
Check Case Status
Check Your Accounts
System is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if your working hours doesn’t match our working hours, there is no problem. You can work in your hours and interact with us online.
We also have a 24 hours support line where you & your clients can contact us in case of urgent matters.
Useful contacts
Data Protection
Your all documents will be available in our system during the life time of the case. This includes instructions, appointment letters, reports, medical records, invoices and more. However we destroy paper records after six month period. Your case history will be available online in the secure system for three years after closure of the case, after that it will be archived but retrievable on request and a week’s notice. We tend to delete the cases after five years of their closure.
Your feedback is important to us, you can provide your feedback on the cases directly within our system if you have been provided access to systems, otherwise you can provide feedback through our website in the relevant sections and can win an iPod touch through a lucky draw.  
We have a comprehensive pricing structure catering AMRO & Non-AMRO rates. Please mention on the instruction about the rate type you would like us to apply to any particular instruction. If you would like to work on flat AMRO rates for all the instructions, you will not need to mention rates on every instruction, we will apply your chosen rate type to every instruction we receive from you.
Please contact us for rates details for medical reports, physiotherapy & diagnostics services.
We have flexible credit terms to aid your cashflow, details can be obtained by emailing or calling us.
Register with Us
If you would like to use us to obtain your medical evidence please register with us or send instruction to us directly. We are supremely confident of being able to cater to your needs. Upon registration, one of our dedicated Business Development Officers will contact you within few hours to set you up on our systems.
If you are currently registered with us as a business partner, you can login via our secure portal to access a variety of information regarding status of your cases, view financial statements, access historical reports and also instruct us securely amongst other useful functions
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