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‘Your chance to make money from medicals of your cases’
Do you know you can make extra money from your claims by referring your cases to us through your solicitors? Yes we will pay your referral for every case your solicitors send to us for medical reports or physiotherapy and in addition to this, you will get objective and independent reports for your clients? Any case we receive from your solicitor, we will pay you referral amount for every case! This referral will be on top of the referral amount you already get from your solicitors.
In most cases, your solicitors might already be working with Nexus for some other cases so they will not hesitate using our services for your cases either. If they don’t know us, they will be happy to work with us when you tell them that:  
Nexus Medicolegal Services is:
Fastest expanding Medico legal company in the United Kingdom with up to 50% month on month growth.
Panel of 550 GPs and 3000 specialists covering all specialities and geographic regions within the United Kingdom and access to 50,000 NHS consultants to search and instruct as and when required.
Dedicated Account Manager for every client (No minimum number of instructions to have a dedicated account manager).
Medical Records - if required - usually obtained within two weeks.
Even more value addition by:
Attractive credit terms/deferred payment of fees can be facilitated for your solicitors.
The report and treatment process is monitored through our advanced IT systems allowing clients, patients and referrers to track each report at every stage.
We obtain and pay for medical records if required.
We provide diagnostic investigations including x-rays, MRI scans and nerve conduction studies prior to or after delivery of the report.
We arrange client rehabilitation and counselling services at any stage within the reporting cycle.
Our reports can be tracked online, delivered simultaneously to multiple parties and emailed to solicitors as required.
We provide unique online login access for our clients allowing us to provide a transparent, reliable and efficient service.
We notify the patient and the solicitor of the appointment date, venue and the name of the examining expert, immediately.
Effective Customer Support acknowledges the instruction in less than 30 minutes and is able to set the appointment with the expert within 60 minutes.
Most of our medical experts have agreement with us to deliver the reports within 48 hours of the appointment, and similar service levels for amendments and addendums.
Please contact us to discuss how much referral amounts we shall pay you for your cases and further details about how to instruct your solicitors for using our services. Once you are on-board with us, we will set your account up in our system and assign your account manager and your online access.
Meanwhile, you may also download and fill in the form for each solicitor you use for your cases and fax/mail to us so we can contact your solicitors and prepare to setup their accounts with us.
Your feedback is important to us, you can provide your feedback on the cases directly within our system if you have been provided access to systems, otherwise you can provide feedback through our website in the relevant sections and can win an iPod touch through a lucky draw. You can feedback about our customer services team members, your customer service experience and if your experience has been less than perfect, you can provide suggestions for improvement.  
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